Brand Identity





15 Mar 2020





Born in Dublin, with ltalian and ltalian-Thai roots, they are inspired by nature and equality. At Akilun, they promote a culture of respect for nature. Central to their products is the belief that the more they care for nature, the more nature will care for them. Nature does not differentiate between gender and neither do their products. They are suitable for every skin type, so you can feel free to be your authentic self – without compromise. In Akilun products you will find their origins, their philosophy and the power of nature.
They are Akilun.

Nature is the origin of our wellbeing and beauty; its preservation and protection form the basis of all they do at Akilun. They aim to become the leader in sustainable cosmetics, producing products that care for your skin as well as the planet.



Brand Identity, Logo & Packaging

After the first briefing with the client, we started a stylistic research to define the guidelines of the brand. The next step was to create the logo that respected Akilun's character. After that, we designed the packaging and labels from scratch in 3d, providing ad-hoc images for their e-commerce and social networks.